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Lisa´s paper goods etsy

A few weeks ago I took the step and opened an etsy shop!  I named it Lisa´s paper goods as I want to be able to add different kinds of paper related items. As of now I have handmade posters. 

I love to paint with watercolors and I do love quotes, sayings well words in general, so I have combined those into these pieces of wall arts. 

I have made a few ready-made ones and I also have the option to custom order where we can discuss how you would like your poster. 
I would love for you to stop by

Project Life 2015 | Week 32-35

Hi there! I am happy to see a few of you actually pop in once in a while. I have been thinking alot about blogging lately. Many of my favorite bloggers have retired their blogs and even though I read many, many blogs I kind of know where they are coming from. Sharing your creative work is so much easier on Instagram for example where you might have many followers and you have the option to just share the photo with a short caption. I am not there just yet, I still want to have this space. I just wanted to let you know that posting will continue to be spare, but I still am very happy that you are here!

Today I wanted to share a few recent Project Life spreads. 
Week 32: Summer was still in full swing and we spend a lot of time outside. We took advantage of the good weather and picked wild raspberries and tomatoes. 

I had a few inserts this week. A card from a package we recieved and a postcard. On the backside of the card I made mini layouts of other stories.

Week 33: I focused on the f…