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WCS | June gallery

The theme for June´s gallery at WCS was to find any project from the past year and use it as inspiration. I love doing this and I must say it was hard to choose among so many cool and beautiful projects, so I chose two ;)

First, here is Deb Duty´s page that I used as inspiration for my layout. I love Deb´s pages! She always has great photos and does awesome layering. 

Magic | I have always been a stone collector. My pockets are always full whenever I leave a beach ;) Lately I have been seeing heartshaped stones everywhere! Here is just a small collection of them. I knew I wanted to mimic the layering from Deb´s page. I had those 2 great muted patterned papers, but couldn´t quite find another one in my stash. So, I decided to make my own patterned paper simply my writing the word magic over and over again. I loved doing this, so I will surely be doing this again!

Teka Cochonneau is another fave WCS team member of mine. She has such a simple and straightforward style. This layout  made me …

Memorykeeping | One Direction

My daughter went to see One Direction in concert with one of her friends. It was crazy! as you can imagien with 30 000 screaming teen girls :) I am so very happy that we could give her this experience, because concerts are so magical. She is really a daughter of a scrapbooker as she took lots of photos and send them to me :)
The page is nothing over the ordinary, but i love that I found just the right project to use that Elle´s studio tag!
Stay tuned for the finished Re-scrap pages that are coming later this week!


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Project Life 2013 | Week 21

Week 21

As I see my photos of this weeks spread on my computer screen I see that they are not at all good, but I hope you get the Picture (pun not intended!).

The stories | My new love had a new MRI done on Monday. He was nervous so I kept him company. We went and did a little shopping too :) I had a meeting with the bank on Tuesday, got stuck in a parkinghouse, but cuddled my nephew. On Wednesday I went to a seminar at my old University and held a short lecture. And that last picture is about that new Project that I haven´t talked about yet, but I can very soon :)

Inserts | I have two inserts this week. I just had to many stories I wanted to keep!So this is the first, where I just added one more pocket and 3 more stories.

Back of insert | My new love had a tough day and I tried to help him as much I could. Hello real Life. And I am so happy it is rhubarb season!

The front of the insert | My daughter loves her new Converse ;)

Second insert| The second insert has two more pockets and hold 7 mor…

Mother`s Day card

My little sister became a mother for the first time in February. I thought that I would send her a card for  Mother´s day (which we celebrate the last sunday in May).

<3 font="">

Project Life | Week 20

Totally late, but here is week 20 in my Project Life album!

Lots of garden and nature photos this week as the spring weather have been fantastic!

If you haven´t  noticed before I usually include a weekly photo of my baby nephew in each spread. This week I decided to have a whole insert with photos of him ;) My sister said that this (weekly photos) will be so cool to see in a year. Love that!

I had to include a photo to show the temps that we had, Friday flowers and a note from our date night ;) Europe had their Eurovision music competition saturday and as my daugter wasn´t home that night we texted instead! 
I am loving to include my new loves photos and photos that are shared with other family members through emails and texts in my spreads. 


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What my father taught me

This past week WCS did a Father´s day themed week.  I didn´t contribute projects since I was crazy busy last week. But I did however have it in mind and made 2 new pages when I had the time. This first one is about my fathers birthday back in December. We went to his place with cake and had a great time. I thought it was so cute that he had bought candles for himself ;)

I pre printed the wordart celebrate that is part of a digital kit by Ali Edwards called Birthday and worked around that on my page. 

This page has been a long time coming. I have had that photo forever, but just haven´t gotten to scrapping it. This photo represents so much for me in regards to my father. When I was young I remember weekend days, the sun shining into a smokey room where my father played his music on his record player. I have learned to love all sorts of music because of my dad. 

I played with water color to make the background paper for this page. I love it! I also painted the ombre card :)


Me. Snapping.

Did you have them to check out The phone Photography Project yet? It is a fun new workshop that takes Place in July! It is smacked full of tips and tricks all about taking photos with your phone and I am one of the contributors!

Ever since I got my iPhone you can find me like this around my island :) I have my phone with me at (almost) all times and I love that I can snap pictures easily.

My new love keeps snapping photos of me "in action" :) I guess with all my Instagramming BCP thought that I could share a tip or two about phonephotography ;) I can´t wait to begin the Phone Photography Project with you all!

WCS | June gallery sneak

Happy May 20th! It is sneak day for the June gallery at WCS.  I know it is not at all easy to figure out a theme from these, but I love looking at sneaks myself and we all shared some today! Go to the WCS blog and you can click our names to see the sneaks! Or go to the WCS FB page. 

I had so much fun making these layouts and can´t wait to share them with you on June 1st!

Did you have them to check out The phone Photography Project yet? It is a fun new workshop that takes Place in July! It is smacked full of tips and tricks all about taking photos with your phone and I am one of the contributors!

Around here

Around here... The weather has been fanatstic lately. We still have had cool nights and a bit of rain, but the winds are warm and the temps are up to almost 20. May usually has been warmer and then it gets cooler again in June. Weird. Work has been tough. It has been all year really. I do like challenges, but sometimes you feel like you just stand there in the same spot and not getting anywhere. I have been feeling un-normally tired. This has been been a sign of my depression getting worse in the past. But I hope that it is just a low period and that my body and mind long for summer vacation that is just a few weeks away. The cats think they are in heaven with this great weather. They have been spending more and more time outside and just coming in for cuddles and food. The windows and door are usually open so they can wander as they please. We are doing good. Things have been interesting with my new love spending almost all his time at my place and us getting to know eachother on so many…