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pre-valentine post #3

ok, i did a little pre-valentine project last night (before i knew that the night would envolve some serious stomach bug mess by my daughter!)
i wanted to make a envelope to put my letter that i am writing my husband for V-day. i had plain white ones, but i wanted a more jazzed up one :)

i used one plain paper envelope

a little piece of red dotted wrapping paper

i picked the envelope apart and traced it onto the wrapping paper.

tada! :)

folded it back together and glued it.

i used a button from the "all buttoned up digital kit" by Katie Pertiet to make a closer. and added a picece of tape to the back so that the envelope could be closed and opened over and over again.

i cut out his initial and some brackets in felt and added a small heart.


oh and i found this
Flickr Valentines Dy Worldwide group that i found cute :)

and i bought some tulips today to brighten the day.

i hope that you all have a lovely friday!

i x 30

i am a girl
i love a boy
i love a girl
i work
i create
i cry
i laugh
i eat to much junk
i love the internet
i clean to reduce my anxiety
i collect angels
i love paper
i wear contact lenses
i can´t cook meat
i make a mean chocolate cake
i love to give
i think way to much
i am lazy
i love my job
i am almost 30
i would love to sell stuff i make
i wish i was an early riser
i should let loose more often
i want life to be like in the movies
i love stand-up comedy
i only wear comfy shoes
i love hugs
i am passionate about books
i love weekends
i want to sleep in everyday

S´s & E´s + layouts

ok, i guess that is a weird blog post title :) but i´ll explain!
I have previously posted about my E wall in progress.

when my daughter saw it she wanted one too! but with S´s ofcourse :) i have ordered a S for her, but for now i had to be a little creative! my favorite dilemma!
i decided to make these plain coasters into S frames. i had chipboard letters laying around and i decided on three.

painted the coasters black and simply glued the letters on there.

she likes them, atleast :) but i am looking forward to go on S hunts from now on!


the story: my daughter wrote a sweet note to my husband one night and then became sooo happy when he ad replied it in the morning. oh, the look in her eyes when she saw it!

the goods: the note is tucked into the envelope that i made with squared paper. i used some vintage white buttons to make the border.and flowers to embellish the envelope.

the story: i wanted to use a recent photo of my daughter and me and record how extremly lucky i feel to b…