Monday, July 6, 2015

Project Life 2015 | Week 22-27

Hi there! I am back with a Project Life update post today. As I did last time, I will show you a few spreads at once.

Week 22: This was the last week in May. I have made an effort in documenting my daughters last weeks in 9th grade. In Sweden 9th grade is the last school year before the kids choose a high school of their choice. It´s a big step. So, here proom dress came and I took photos of her class sweatshirt. 

I also added a photo of me and my fiancé on International MS-day.

We celebrate Mother´s day on the last Sunday of May in Sweden and I got a wonderful cake and felt celebrated :)

Week 23: For some reason I hadn´t photographed thsi week´s spread. I´ll make sure to add it in later!

Week 24: This was the last week before summer vacation for me. My mom came to visit and we celebrated the graduation of my daughter. I added in a big journaling card by Big City Quiet to add stories from her last week at school. This is the blank card, there are several others with titles like currently, everyday life etc. Adding in 6x4" cards to journal on is my new favorite!

To the back of the journaling card insert, I added photos of her and her friends from that week.

I got a pretty rose from a few kids at work with a note, so I took a photo of it and added the note to the back of it. Washi tape on the top and it became a flip photo.

Week 25: First week of vacation! I added fun and happy stuff from the week.

To be able to add a few more photos I added that Currently card I got in a Studio Calico PL kit. You can see how I added a strip of washi tape to the edge of it to make it a flip card. I love how these types of addings bring so much dimension to a spread!

For the weekend, I opted to make 2 3x4" photo collages. Such a fun and easy way to add many photos. I added journaling to a tag I made to tuck behind the photo.

Week 26: For this week I worked with the moodboard from the Swedish PL blog I write for.

My daughter went to a One Direction concert and send several photos, and I made a 4x4" insert even before she came home :)

We went on a roadtrip to friends on Saturday and I added a fold out map of the city we visited.

And on the back of the map I just trimmed patterned paper and added to it.

A big photo hids journaling and many more photos of our first days.

Week 27: The first part of the week we were still on vacation and the photos are from there. I also added in a fun text message from my daughter to the back of...

...this photo. I cut a bigger photo in half, punched holes and added it right in there.

And on the back of the second part of the photo, I added the text about my daughter getting in to the high school of her choice!

And the second page of the spread holds photos that represent how fun it was to come home again! I printed an Ali E digital brush on plastic and added that in one of the pockets. I am going to keep that clear for next week´s spread also. Photo collages and a watercolor tag to hold the journaling.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest spreads!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

WCS | Using your 5 senses for journaling


When we sign up to blog on the WCS blog we get to choose from the different topics; write, click and scrapbook. I usally sign up for the two last, but this time I thought I´d challenge myself and take on a write post. You see, journaling is one of my weaknesses in memorykeeping. I love seeing all the layouts and PL spreads with lots of words and stories on them, but I am not good at it at all. 

In the recent months I have been attending a mindfulness class. I deal with anxiety quite a lot and the pratice of being here and now can really help with that. For my post today I did just that, I sat down in my back garden and was mindul of my surroundings and I had a little help from my five senses: sound, sight, taste, touch and scent. I made my layout based on that.

I have a 6x8" personal album and opted to make a pocket page for it. I choose one of the multiple pocket page protectors from Simple Stories that I had on hand and it fit my journaling perfectly since I divided it up for each sense. 

Have you tried this before? Perhaps you can do a sound collage, sit down somewhere and close your eyes and just record the things you hear. It feels great and can make a great jumping point for a little memorykeeping at the same time!

Monday, June 8, 2015

WCS | June gallery

The June gallery went live on the first and it´s filled with projects that are inspired by anything we have posted to the WCS blog this past year. 

Good Job</br>by Lisa Borbély

There were so many fun projects for me to choose from for this month´s theme! Here I chose Amy Coose's lovely layout. I love the diagonal design--it's so easy on the eyes isn't it? I like the colors I used too, so fresh looking. 

Minimum journaling on this one. Just a page to keep the memory of my daughter getting in to the high school of her choice. Good job, girl!

Project Life 2015 | week 14-21

I thought I'd share a few of my Project Life spreads today. I am still working in the 6x8 album and still like it. 
This first one was from Easter week. I had an extra insert for extra photos. 

I also added a watercolor card I'd made that also hold a few words on how we celebrated Easter.

For week 15 I used to make some simple cards with photos and journaling. I like to change things up a little from time to time. 

Week 16 was all about family. We had great dinners together, my daughter became a big sister again when her little brother was born and the weekend was spend celebrating my mom's birthday. 

The spread for week 17 holds a lot of stories. I added journaling to both pockets and that big pocket I made by sewing two photos together and putting journaling cards in there. 

I love all the nature photos here!

Lots of photos for week 18! I added photos from our move to the entire second page. 

And I have a new record in the amount of inserts in one spread; three! I have three inserts! 

I love to add letterstickers to a piece of plastic to make kind of an overlay. 

Week 20 has a lot of journaling (for me atleast!). Whenever I need space for longer stories I use my typewriter. It types smaller than I can write.

In the May PL kit from Studio Calico I got that chipboard (May 2015). It came bare and I painted it in one of my favorite colors. I then added it to a 4x6 pocket and added it as an insert. 

It was a rough week and I was fed up with having anxiety and being stressed, so I only listed things that made me happy!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

The new place

Sorry guys for going missing again! We have moved and stuff happens :) Anyway, during my down time I have both scrapbooked, crafted and took photos so I do have some fun posts coming! I´d thought I´d start with showing you a little bit of our new place. 

The move went smooth and quick. We had a lot of help and we are ever so thankful for that! We moved in May 1st and I think we have settled and gotten most of everything done by now. We still have to mow the old garden for the new owners and pull the very last boxes in to storage.

If you follow me on Instagram (username: lisaborbely) you have already seen my very favorite part of this new place; the view. We have a deck and small garden facing down to the lake and the view is breathtaking sometimes!

Sally (and the other cats) have settled nicely and we are suprised of how easyily the move have gone for them. 

The apartment is on ground level and the house is split in two seperate apartments. It´s newly renovated and every room has bright light walls witch we love!

We also have this patio on the other side of the house. This place gets sun in the morning. 

We have a lot of windows in our kitchen and the light comes in so nicely.

I´ll show you more later and I do have a spread in my PL album with before and after photos of almost every room! 

Just a short post today, but I hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

One more minialbum layout

I wanted to share another mini album layout. I first made one for the April gallery at WCS, it was so much fun I made one more! 
This time I printed a few of my daughter's Snapchat photos. She usually is very photogenic, but on there she is known for her funny faces. 

I love how the colors go together on this!