Monday, May 23, 2016

OLW 2016 | April + May

Now that we are well into the middle of May I wanted to share both April´s and May´s prompt in the One little word class. In April Ali prompted us to ask a question relating our word every day. I choose the question: What made you feel alive today? Rather than writing down one thing every day, I chose to write a list of 37 things that make me feel alive. Some tried and true and some I´d like to try.

Here is my list:

1. Stargazing
2. Getting my hands in the dirt
3. Laughing really hard
4. Taking walks in a cool forest
5. Dipping my toes in the lake
6. Swimming in the lake
7. Trekking
8. Doing something and succeding
9. Intimate moments
10. Doing random acts of kindness
11. Being outside when it snows
12. Standing at the beach when it is really windy
13. Zip lining
14. Being goofy and silly
15. Saying yes
16. Planting my garden
17. Harvesting my garden
18. Picking blueberries in the forest
19. Seeing a beautiful sunset
20. Making a bonfire at the beach
21. Getting up early to watch the sun rise
22. Turning a day of misery, to gratefulness
23. Taking a photowalk with the DSLR
24. Going to a wildpark
25. Eating really good food
26. Painting
27. When all my senses are in line
28. When I feel independent
29. Listening to really good music
30. When meditating really works
31. When my legs hurt from too much walking
32. Reading a good book
33. Pulling over for a photo
34. When a story just pours out of me
35. Moments when I feel like I belong
36. Going to new places
37. Planning to do fun things

And this is how April looks in my album.

May´s prompt was to try and capture our word through our cameras. This is clearly something that comes easy to me ;) 
I went through my camera card to choose a few photos that spoke to me and just used them Which means that I didn´t go out with the intent of taking new photos, I chose photos I had already taken. 

This is how I put the prompt together in my album. No words (other than that quote) because I wanted the photos to do all the talking. 

Something that stood out to me when I printed my photos, was that most of my "feeling alive" moments are outside. That wasn´t very suprising to me. I feel good outside. 

I´m looking forward to June.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Art Journal 03

I thought I´d share a few more pages from my Art journal today. In the beginning of the year I won a year of membership to the Get Messy community. I have really enjoyed it so far! They have different seasons in which they have different themes and prompts. I like that! This last season was a collab with the 30 days of lists ladies. So for 6 weeks we got 5 lists of prompts and it was just lovely! 

The prompts had both a topic and then we also got art prompts. It could be write in a circle, use something from the trash or use only one color etc. 

I really liked the lists and had so much fun creating something different for each one.

I think I used my water colors most and fall more and more in love with working with them.

As you can see, the lists were all different and thought provoking.

I have one more post coming with a few pages from the season of lists coming up in the next few weeks. Now that this season is over, I have already started a new art journal!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Kellie Stamps DT | May projects #2

As usual I had a lot of fun with the new Kellie Stamps! I have a few more projects to share today. You can see more projects here.

Stuff: For the layout above I tried to make the faded stamp effect I have used with physical stamps all the time (here for example). I use for all my digital work on the computer. I simply added the digital stamp several times and then changed the opacity on a few of them to get the faded effect. 

Story: My love and his cat. He treats this one like his baby ;) They talk all the time and he has bought an arsenal of toys since we got her 2 years ago. He does love the other cats too ofcourse, but Stella is his favorite.

Stamps used: My fave

Stuff: Here I created a simple corner using one digital stamp. This was created in the same way as above, just adding more and more stamps to one canvas. I also changed the color on one of the fun labels for this layout.

Story: I am a kindergarden teacher and work mostly with kids that are 1-3 years old, so a lot of my time is spend on the floor. We bought ourselves these worker pants that are super good! We have knee pads and a lot of pockets for pens, notebook, tissues and binkies. I love mine and have made them a bit personal by adding a bit of bling.

Stamps used: My fave and Label that

Stuff: As you can see I went a little label crazy on this one! I printed out a bunch of labels and kept adding them to the edge of my background paper.

Story: Ever since we moved to our new place overlooking the lake we have been obsessed with the view. We take so many photos ;)

Stamps used: Label that and Am to PM 

That is it! I hope you enjoy the layouts!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Kellie stamps | Word tags with the May stamps

For these fun and cute word tags I used the digital kit called My fave. The kit is just filled with various words and sentiments that can be used for so many things. 

First I printed out a few of the stamps on white cardstock and measured out where I wanted to crop them.

Then I just added a strip of patterned paper to the edge of the tags so that it will be easy to cut them. 

Then I just added a few enamel dots and thread to the tags and they looked so colorful and fun! I can´t wait to use them on my memory keeping projects!

Project Life 2016 | Week 16-18

New week and here is a new post with more finished but never shared PL spreads. 

Week 16: So, during week 16 I ended up doing a little experiment and made my documenting in a planner. I love how it looked, but then when I sat down to do week 17 I just missed the pockets. So I ended up re-doing this week in these pockets.
I had some journaling I wanted to keep hidden so I made that flip with patterned paper on the left. I also added a larger photo to two of the pockets which I do very rarely.

Week 17: I was in a purging mood this week so I used some of the funn cards I had got in various Pocket Letters this past year. I tried to stay in the same color scheme, but not exactly. It was a fun challenge though!

Week 18: We had great weather this week and we had a day off on Thursday together, so we stayed home just enjoying the weather. The week is not photo heavy, so I tried to use some more words. 

You can see all my Project Life post here.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Project Life 2016 | Week 11-15

I´m continuing my massive share of 2016 Project Life spreads! 

Picture 1 of Week 11 by lisafisa

Week 11: This week I used a lot of stamps from the March release of Kellie Stamps. I got both the digital and physical sets this month which is so much fun.

Week 12: This is also a spread where I used both Ali Edward´s stamps and Kellie Stamps. I really like how I can use them to make both embellishments and journaling cards. This was Easter week so we were at my sister´s house for the weekend.

Week 13: I was home alone for most of this week, so I mostly have photos and stories about me and my crafts.

Week 14: I love how bright and pastelly this spread turned out! For this week I made an insert and added some journaling behind that card.

Week 15: Isn´t it strange that I almost always love the spreads where I have a lot of journaling most, but have such a hard time writing many words.

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Project Life 2016 | Week 5-10

Whoops! It has come to my attention that I haven´t been sharing my Project LIfe pages here on the blog lately, and sure enough, when I checked I hadn´t shared a spread since week 4! On Sunday I took photos and uploaded lots and lots of spreads into Blogger and will be sharing all my spreads with you! 

Week 5: This dates back to February, but as I can see from the photos we had great weather! I used one of the old floppy disk page protectors this week and I like the square format. It is always fun to mix it up!

One of my favorite elements from this week is this screen print of my latest used emojis used on my phone!

Picture 1 of Week 6 by lisafisa

Week 6: This week we were sick most all week. It´s so typical for us in February/March. So I didn´t get a chance to take a wide variation of photos, mostly from at home. This challenged me to write a little bit more.

Picture 1 of Week 7 by lisafisa

Week 7: Looking back at my spreads I do see a pattern in that I use color schemes in them. This is mostly not planned, but I guess working so much with design and other principles does that this is goes without thinking too much. This is the week were I started using more and more smaller printed photos. I really like how they look on different journaling cards.

Week 8: My birthday week! You can clearly see that I was concious this week of choosing black and white cards ;) 

Picture 1 of Week 9 by lisafisa

Week 9: This is one of the spreads I did share from March. You can see more about it here.

Week 10: In the previous week I had bought a digital kit from Ali Edwards and used one of the stamps to make journaling cards. I jotted down a few sentences from every day in my notebook and then just typed them out on the cards with my typewriter. I love how this spread turned out with all the words!

So, there you have 5 weeks of everyday memories down!