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You can read about my choice of pocket sizes for my Project Life spreads here! And here is a link to all my posts regarding Project Life.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Project Life 2016 | Week 41-44 2016

Ok, I am just continuing with the last spreads of our Project Life album 2016. Did you know that 2016 was the 5th year in the row I have documented every single week in the Project Life format? 

 Week 41: What did I say about those autumn colors, right?! The whole world changes with the fall colors of nature and I guess I get so inspired by it that it pours into my creative projects ;) This was the week of my father´s death. I first didn´t think that I would be able to make something for this week. But I know from experience that I loved being able ro read my own words from very special and hard weeks that I did it anyway. 

Week 42: I guess that this week it did show how life stopped a little bit after my father´s passing. I didn´t take all that many photos and the ones I did take was more of what made me feel a little lighter. 

Week 43: Ok, so this was the week of my dad´s funeral. It was held on Friday, so I chose to just add photos to the right hand side of the spread. I haven´t journaled about it to this day, but my daughter wrote a beautiful blog post about her feelings, so I printed it out and I think I will just leave it with that. 

Week 44: The left hand side of the spread is of course the back side of the spread before, so for that I used a page protector that held those old floppy disks, remember those?, and they really do have 6 square pockets, but I trimmed the outer 3 off to make them 3x4" to add in cards. The square images shown here are digitally made and just printed out to fit the pocket. I don´t do that very often, but felt like playing a bit. 

What are the hardest thing you have had to document?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Project Life 2016 | Week 37-40 2016

So, here we go with 4 more spreads from my 2016 Project Life albums. You can always click the Project Life tag to see all my posts. 

Week 37: You can read more about why and how I changed up my pocket size for my Project Life albums here, but basically I use baseball card sleeves. They hold 9 pockets that are slightly smaller than 3x4" so I need to trim most things down a little. For this week´s spread I just trimmed down the 3 outer pockets vertically to make these smaller ones. I have done this a few times this year and mostly for weeks when I don´t have that much to say. I really like to add in different sizes in the same album! 

Week 38: So, this week´s left side is clearly the back side of the smaller sized page protector from last week. Again, this doesn´t bother me at all, I just adjust my photos and cards for whatever size I am working with. As you can see here I still have a few blank spots in my album and I don´t think I will go back and fix that. In 10 years I will not be troubled by the thought of why I didn´t have anything there ;) I have maybe 10 or 12 of these blank spots in my entire 52 weeks of pockets, so I don´t sweat that at all! 

Week 39: This is where the fall colors begin in my album! Haha I love autumn so it does show! I love to include images of books, movies and TV-shows I am/we are currently into. 

Week 40: Not that much journaling on this one, and that is not unusual for me and I try to not let it bother me since I know that the photos tells the stories pretty well. 

Have a beautiful day and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Project Life 2016 | Week 32-36 2016

I haven´t shared all my Project Life spreads from 2016. The light isn´t very good now that it is winter, but I thought I´d share a few spreads over the next weeks. 

Week 32: It was still summer and the last week of vacation for me. I went with a theme on this spread and shared one #fromehereistand photo from every day. I like them a lot. 

Week 33: Nack to work for me. But we were still in summer mode with good weather. I liked how that see through pocket came out. 

Week 34: I actually ended up using the same digital stamp to use in the see through pocket on this side too. But you can totally use something else of course!

Week 35: My summer spreads are all full of fruit, veggies and plants! I guess I am making up for all those winter months coming up! I said on Instagram the other day that this was the year Snapchat photos took over my spreads ;)

Week 36: I love to print my photos into these squares! I have done that a lot this year and I don´t see myself stopping any time soon ;) And as you can see from these spreads I am using many different products, stamps, patterns etc. I am basically using my stash which I like very much! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

OLW 2017 | January

I thought a lot about what word I should use as guidence in 2017. Often the word finds me somewhere in mid November, but it was later this time. I choose connect for it´s many synonyms.


  • combine
  • link
  • get into
  • join
  • marry
  • relate
  • unite
  • incorporate
  • focus

In the classroom Ali Edward´s has a sheet we fill out and one of the questions were: What do you fear most in 2017? I put, that I miss what is going on around me by not being focused and consumed with social media for example. I do love browsing Instagram the most and I don´t feel that it takes away all that much time from anything else, but I do want to be a little more aware of when I am mindlessly scrolling. 
One thing I am looking forward to is to read again. I listen to many audio books, but I want to get into the habit of setting away time to read every day. 

My intention is to be more focused, try to do one thing at the time, being present, connect with friends, read every day, walk more, connect with what brings me joy. 

Last year I worked in a 6x8" pocket album and this year I am doing a 6x4" mini album much like the one I did for the Details 2 class. I loved doing that size and thought the OLW project would be another perfect time to do it again. Here are the first few pages.

I was going to re-print this photo, but then I kinda like it ;)

I need to add a few actions, things I am focusing on in January. When the month is over I´d like to write reflections of it. I´ll see if I´ll keep that up every month. 

Are you doing the One Little Word project? 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Memory keeping | December mini 2016 - 1

Merry Christmas! I have been working in my December album all through the month just like the last 3 years. I started a new 6x8" album since the first one got full last year. I record all sorts of memories and traditions we make. This project is not at all daily, I don't need that pressure! 


Most of the things I include are things that I include every year. That's the best thing about traditions! But the wrapping paper change and people get older and it is so much fun to look back. 


I am using mostly pocket pages for this album and I like how it makes the album coheisive. 


But I have just a few layouts that I have added without a pocket like this one above. I wanted to include a few photos in a pocket for easy access.


I'll share the rest of my album later this month! 

BPC | It´s live!

You guys, my class Pocket Prompts 22 is live at Big Picture Classes! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

BPC | My very first own class

Picture 1 of Pocket Prompts | 22 at Big Picture Classes

I am so happy to announce that my very first own class at Big Picture Classes goes live this coming Monday! It is a topic very near to my heart; Pocket Prompts. It´s part of a series where every month a new scrapbooker shares 5 photo prompts and 5 journaling prompts for your pocket pages. I am also sharing a in depth view of my process putting together my weekly spreads. 

Picture 4 of Pocket Prompts | 22 at Big Picture Classes

I would be so very happy to see you in class! Check it out on Monday! And also, did you know that BPC has a 2 week free trial? Well, they do and there are so many great classes there. 

If you end up taking the class, please let me know :)