Monday, January 26, 2015

OLW 2015 | No2

Inspirational quoten + think less & live more
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I thought I´d re-visit my OLW for the year, more/less. You can read more about it here! One month into the new year, I have been thinking a lot about how I need to do more of some things and less of others. It is in the back of my mind all the time. I have been taking daily walks after work and it makes such a difference from going straight home. I live 30 seconds from work, so there is really no time to "de-work" for me. But a half an hour in nature is doing wonders!

Another aspect is breathing. I have been taking my deep breathes on a daily basis whenever I feel like things are going out of control. It calms me down so I can Re-focus.

As I am a crafter, I have used my OLW in different projects. Like the banner above. I will have a little DIY post up on making these. I like to surround myself with words and quotes. 

When I have some time I like to write words too! I bought a watercolor brush where I can add water to a little container, making it easier to write/paint more evenly since there is a constant adding of water. It is so much fun! 

So, there is where I am with my OLW right now. I'll be back in February with an update! 

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Project Life 2015 | Week 3

Hurray! I am back to making one hour spreads! When I swithed album/pocket sizes for the new year, I had a hard time figuring out the photos vs. words ratio since I had much less space than before. Week 1 I felt almost stumped and was thinking I had made a mistake by leaving a good system behind. But then I decided that I just needed a new routine, so I plugged through and this past Sunday as I made my week 3 spread it felt really good! Yes!

I opted with not doing very much journaling since the photos talk for themselves and to be honest, I didn´t have that much to say. I do struggle with including more words. I know lists work and "in-review" kind of journaling, so I am trying to use more of those! 

Card from Rachel at Big City Quiet etsy shop.

How do you work when the journaling doesn´t come easy?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Project Life 2015 | Title page

I thought I'd share my 2015 title page for my 6x8" project life album. This year I opted to use the colors of the month over at PLSWE which are teal, grey and silver. The cards I used I printed from the Project Life app. It is so very easy to use and you can buy lots of kits right in the app for a very good price!

These cards are from the Kiwi kit and Amy Tangerine´s One mini kit. I really am pleased about how it turned out and I love the colors! 

Here is a quick look at my first page in January last year. I was inspired by Elise and the way she created her title page! 

I really like to include at least a few photos of us on the title pages. it is fun to see how we evolve. 

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Around here | Week 3

Around here the weather changes almost from day to day. This past weekend we had a big storm  that destroyed a lot of our woods. The morning after we had a few inches of snow and it kept snowing all day. Then a few days later the temps were up to 5 degrees again. I can´t wait ´til spring!

Around here we are settling in to normal routine with work and school. My daughter started her last semester in Jr high and she needs to make an effort to get some of her grades up to be able to get into the High school that she wants. We are doing homework together and once again I thank God I went to school as long as I did! Math is really the only subject I can´t handle, but thankfully she has a smart dad!

Around here we are getting ready to get the house on the market. This past summer we decided to sell the house and get something else together. It makes sense to start over somewhere else, but I will miss my garden terribly. I do look forward to the changes, it is always exciting to set up house somewhere new. We want to stay on the island ofcourse.

Around here I am working on my first bigger knit project. I hope that it will eventually turn out as a sweater! I am such a beginner, but the pattern (in my head) isn´t that complicated. I love having something to do in front of the TV!

Happy weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Project Life 2015 | Week 2

Hello week 2! Again the spread took a little longer than it has before. I am sure the size is still confusing me! However, I do like the new format and can´t wait to have a full album to flip through.

This (above) is a shot of how the spread looks like when you open the album. I added an insert this week too. I hadn´t planned it, but then we had a big storm over the weekend and I just had to add the story and photos.

When you flip over the insert, you can see the second page of both. I added journaling with my white pen right on the photo for the shot of my new audiobook. I had to have a photo of my very first Studio Calico kit. I just subscribed this month! And my love gave me with the most beautiful bunch of tulips and I swear that photo was Instagrammed within the minute and printed/in this album within 10 :)

I also made a flip journaling card to hold a few words about the awful headaches I had this week. I simply added tape to hold to journaling cards together vertically.

On to the next!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Memory keeping | Thoughts on smaller sized pages

I wanted to quickly share my thoughts on changing the size of my scrapbooking layouts. I have been a 8.5x11” (A4) since the beginning of me scrapbooking in 2000. Since the size is a standard for page protectors, paper and binders here it was easiest for me. I have enjoyed it. It´s not because I don´t like it anymore, I just need a change I guess. This year I am doing all my pages in A5 or 5.8x8.3” for those of you using inches. I have a binder that holds tons of pages and I plan to use that to hold them. Perhaps I may add in an occasional pocket page in there also.

The smaller size is also a way to save. It doesn´t require 4x6” photos. That means I can print more smaller photos on one 10x15 cm photo card. It also doesn´t need to be so product heavy, which means I can save on supplies. But really all this is to challenge me and change things up a little.

Did you ever try a smaller sized layout? Do tell!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Re-Scrap 2015 | January inspiration pages

You may remember in January 2012 I announced a new project:

the idea: this is a project i have wanted to do for a long time. i sometime have troubles with design on my scrapbook pages. well, what troubles me is re-newing myself. i want to try new things, but i 
don´t want to make pages that are not me. and i have done pages i really love, so i thought i´d make it a priority to choose 3 old layouts every month of the year and use them as inspiration for new pages. i mean, i am not re-scrapping the event or page, i am using the entire page and/or some elements of it to use as inspiration. i will share which 3 old layouts i am working with sometime the first week of the month. maybe you could draw some inspiration from them too?!

Now I want to start the project up again. It felt fantastic in December 2012 when I had 36 new pages! So here are the 3 older pages that are my inspiration for January.

I love the muted colors here and the overall design.

This is a design you can use forever.

I often use my pocket cards in layouts, so this is also a layout design I can use over and over. 

If you feel up for it, please play along!

Have a great weekend!