Sunday, October 4, 2015


Reading: "Det som inte dödar oss" David Lagercrantz
Making: pocketletters and crochet cowls
Planning: a day of thrifting
Creating: stuff for the shop
Watching: "Orange is the new black"
Listening to: This american life
Loving: the fall weather
Loathing: getting up early
Feeling: tired and lucky
Pinning: fall projects, quotes and crochet stuff
Writing: lists and layout journaling
Drinking: lemon water and tea
Need to finish: a million things 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

WCS | New launch and a new gallery

The team took a little break for the month of September, but today we are back with a new gallery! 

The gallery theme is "outside" which is one of my favorite places to be :) 
I made this super simple layout using almost no product. I used random photos from the garden and the journaling talks about what a lovely summer we have had in our new garden.

Check out the lovely gallery by clicking the link above! 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lisa´s paper goods etsy

A few weeks ago I took the step and opened an etsy shop!  I named it Lisa´s paper goods as I want to be able to add different kinds of paper related items. As of now I have handmade posters. 

I love to paint with watercolors and I do love quotes, sayings well words in general, so I have combined those into these pieces of wall arts. 

I have made a few ready-made ones and I also have the option to custom order where we can discuss how you would like your poster. 

I would love for you to stop by

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Project Life 2015 | Week 32-35

Hi there! I am happy to see a few of you actually pop in once in a while. I have been thinking alot about blogging lately. Many of my favorite bloggers have retired their blogs and even though I read many, many blogs I kind of know where they are coming from. Sharing your creative work is so much easier on Instagram for example where you might have many followers and you have the option to just share the photo with a short caption. I am not there just yet, I still want to have this space. I just wanted to let you know that posting will continue to be spare, but I still am very happy that you are here!

Today I wanted to share a few recent Project Life spreads. 

Week 32: Summer was still in full swing and we spend a lot of time outside. We took advantage of the good weather and picked wild raspberries and tomatoes. 

I had a few inserts this week. A card from a package we recieved and a postcard. On the backside of the card I made mini layouts of other stories.

Week 33: I focused on the first half of the week where we visited my sister and her family. We got to see our new niece for the first time and I used photos of us three holding her in an insert. 

Week 34: This was the week when Ali Edwards Week in the life happened. I didn´t do the project per say, but I used a collage app on my phone to make daily collages. This way I could fit a whole lot of photos in one spread! This is the route I am taking on ver busy weeks aswell with just one journaling card reviewing the week.

Week 35: First, I am sorry about the very washed out photos of the spread! Next, I see that used the week in review approach here too! I remember being so tired this week and it usually shows in my spreads with little to no journaling.

My daughter turned 16 the Monday after, but we had her party on Sunday. It was a greay day! And we went to the sunflower field for the first time this year #yes!

And there are 3 more weeks documented!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My favorites from Week in the life

Yes, I did the Week in the life project together with thousands of others and Ali Edwards. I took a relaxed approach and still don't know if I will do anything with the photos. I already did a regular Project life spread of the week. So maybe I'll just leave it at that. Today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite captures of the week. For this project I chose to focus on my days.

Monday: I had appointments in the city all day, but could also meet up with my daughter for a few hours. I love that she offered to take a few photos of us while I was driving.

Monday: Night time. My nightstand. My stuff.

Tuesday: I had three super early mornings this week. Which also meant quite early evenings. Eventhough it does get darker earlier already, at 9 pm it is still light out. 

Tuesday: My daughter called from the ferry and asked if we could come meet her. So we took our bikes down to the harbour and went home together.

Friday: I am a homebody. Like for real. And when I walk into our livingroom I was struck by how cozy it looked. 

Saturday: Minigolfing on a perfect Saturday. We had so much fun! 

Sunday: This perfectly sums up my Sunday. A lazy, creative day.

As I said before, perhaps this is all I'll do with this project. But I'm happy that I decided to do it! 

Monday, August 24, 2015


DATE: August 24th 2015
FEELING: a little overwhelmed with work stuff
LOVING : our nights on the deck
READING : The divine secrets of the Ya-Ya sisterhood (again!)
DRINKING : iced water and tea
ANTICIPATING : my daughter´s 16th birthday party on Sunday
LISTENING TO : Spotify and their premade playlist
WATCHING : new episodes of Law and order and Criminal minds 
PLANNING : said birthday party
CREATING : inserts for my fauxdori, a knitted shawl (again!) and PL spreads
EATING: veggies from the garden
WISHING : for even more sunshine in September

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Project Life 2015 | Week 28-31

Hi and welcome to another installment of Project Life spreads. I decided a few months ago to share a few weeks at the time rather than post once a week. Here are my week 28-31 spreads.

Picture 1 of Week 28 by lisafisa

Week 28: This was still vacation time for me. We had a few guests during the week and also my sisters came to visit during the weekend. I used a color scheme of sorts for this, you can see it below. I was inspired by the tones in the moodboard.

Picture 2 of Week 28 by lisafisa

I added a flip pocket to hold my currently list for the week. I make them occasionally and like to have them in here. 

Picture 3 of Week 28 by lisafisa

I also added a few photos to a mini flip album to the last pocket. It was a hot day and we were in swimsuits and the baby splished and splashed, so even though I wanted to include the photos I also didn´t want them to stand out.

Picture 1 of Week 29 by lisafisa

Week 29: The first week back at work and I opted for a super simple spread using just photos and a few words.

I love to use numbers in my PL album and this week I made a little list with how many tomatoes I could pick, how many steps I took on a 6 hour work day, how many days I worked etc. I loke how it turned out!

Picture 1 of Week 30 by lisafisa

Week 30: I worked with some happy colors for this week. I added in a pie chart I made early in the week of how I spend my time right now. Totally inspired by my friend Elizabeth Dillow. 

Picture 2 of Week 30 by lisafisa

I got a new niece on Friday and she got a whole pocket, ofcourse! I then ended with some weekend stories, for example this of us all crafting together! 

Picture 1 of Week 31 by lisafisa

Week 31: My daughter moved part time to her father on Monday. Clearly that needed to be documented. She is now almost 16 and lives one week at my place and the other week at her dad´s. I printed out a bigger photo of her room there, but the ink was running out, so I used a sheet of vellum, added my journaling and then placed it over the not so good photo. Make it work, right?!

Picture 4 of Week 31 by lisafisa

I added in a story on the backside of that and also a paper bag from a resturant we visited and LOVED. 

Picture 6 of Week 31 by lisafisa

My daughter spend a few days in Denmark with her father´s family and I added in an insert to hold her stories. 

Picture 7 of Week 31 by lisafisa

The last two pockets hold the same story. To make it cohesive I let one of the two photos spread out on both pockets. 

So that´s 4 more weeks documented with the Project Life system. Bam!

You can see all my scrapbooking projects in my gallery here!